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This statement (confidentiality policy, referred to as the "Policy") relating to personal information is intended to inform users of the Tornos website and those individuals wishing to purchase Tornos products, of the precautionary measures used, in order to safeguard their data when downloading, using and communicating personal information that concerns them. This site may contain hyperlinks to third party sites that are neither operated nor controlled by Tornos. This "Policy" only applies to this particular site and Tornos will not be held liable, in any circumstances, for the content of these third party sites. Likewise, Tornos will not act as guarantor for their practices regarding protection of confidentiality. This "Policy" may be the subject of updating. We would therefore ask that you consult this from time to time so that you are aware of any changes. The last paragraph shows the date of the last update.

Transfer of data within Tornos and cross-frontier data flows

Please note that the Internet is not regarded as a secure environment and that unauthorised third parties may gain access to the data transmitted via the Internet. Consequently, this data may be divulged, modified or even cause technical problems. Data sent via the Internet may also cross frontiers, even though the sender and recipient are located in the same country. Your data may, therefore, pass via a country, which offers lower standard data protection compared with what is practised in your country. Tornos waives all liability concerning the security of your data whilst it is being transferred via the Internet. We would like to point out that you can use other means of communication to send your data where you feel this to be essential to protect the latter.

Data processing by Tornos

Tornos will collect any personal data you voluntarily provided them with. Such personal information may include personal contact details, such as a name, address and telephone number, your comments or questions, so that it is possible to identify you personally. The data may also relate to Tornos products and services and to any information required for ordering the company's products and services. In some instances, Tornos may collect data about you, which is not necessarily personal data. Examples of such information include the type of Internet navigator and IT operating system you are currently using, as well as the website domain name you use to link up to our websites. If these items are not linked to other information, which is regarded as personal information concerning yourself, then such information is not considered to be personal information and is not subject to the present policy relating to the handling of personal information. If Tornos obtains personal information from third parties, for example, for purposes of sending out promotional items, we will endeavour to obtain assurance that consent has been granted in respect of this communication by the supplier. What is more, we would like to point out that any personal information that is voluntarily displayed in any public area of the websites - such as a discussion forum - may also be accessed by other visitors and that Tornos is unable to prevent any downloading, use or communication of such information by these visitors. 

SwissNano WATCH ME!

Precision is just the beginning!


Comparison between the Tornos SwissNano and the Tornos M7 Dimensions

Technical specifications

SwissNano 4/6

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SwissNano brochure

6 linear axes + 1 C axis
2 independent tool systems

Main spindle (Z1 / S1 / C1)

Max. bar capacity mm 4
Standard workpiece length with fixed guide bush mm 28
Spindle rotation speed t/min 0-16000
Spindle power (nominal/max) kW 1/2
Torque (nominal/max) Nm 0.65/2

Guide bush holder (X1 / Y1 / S11)

Number of tool positions on guide bush 7
Turning tool section 8x8
Positions for radial rotating tools (option) 2
Rotating tool speed of rotation t/min 8000
Rotating tool power kW 0.5

End attachment and counter spindle (X4 / Y4 / Z4 / S4)

Number of tool positions 3x ∅ 16
Positions for rotating tools 3
Max. bar capacity mm 4
Insertion length of workpiece into counter spindle mm 26
Spindle rotation speed t/min 0-16000
Spindle power (nominal/max) kW 1/2
Torque (nominal/max) Nm 0.65/2
Counter spindle ejector stroke mm 10

Secondary operation

Number of tool positions 2x ⌀ 16
Total number of basic machine tools 12
Operation/secondary operation tool distribution 10/2

General specifications

Max. length mm 1800
Length with LNS Tryton 3m mm 5900
Max. width mm 650
Height (without signalling lamp) mm 1575
Spindle height mm 1150
Weight kg 700
Cutting oil tray capacity l 45
Coolant pump power kW 0.18
Colours: RAL 9006 grey, RAL 9011 graphite black
CE/CEM certified

Basic machine equipment

Fixed guide bush + oil filter
Front platten rotating tool motor
C1 axis
Polygon operation (and gear hobbing) function programming
Thread milling device option
Gear hobbing device option
Radial drills option
Adjustment of S4 counter spindle end of clamping
Pneumatic ejection of workpiece + air/oil cleaning of collet
Automatic centralised lubrication cycle
Beacon (1 colour)
Fire extinguisher interface

FANUC numerical control

Control type Fanuc 0i-TD
Encoder/axis motor technique sériel absolu
Motor type (axes/spindles) asynchrone/synchrone (AC)
Axis resolution 0.0001 mm